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5 Things to Know About Sandy

Sandy Hapoienu is a fashion pro who’s ready to help passionate entrepreneurs align their personal style with their growing brand.

These badass women want to change the world—and she wants to help them dress for it.

So who is Sandy and what does she do? Here’s a quick look:

1. Over 11.5 million women own their own businesses today. Sandy works to help these innovators create the curated look that will bring their business, their brand and their style together.

2. Making the transition from employee to business owner isn’t always easy. That’s where Sandy comes in. Her services are for the tech innovator who wants to stop looking like she works in an ultra-conservative office. For the work-from-homer who wants to break out of the yoga pants routine. For the women who want to look like the trailblazing influencers they are.

3. Sandy knows what entrepreneurs are looking for—because she is one. She launched Styling Session 15 years ago and for the last decade and a half has been helping women discover what makes them look and feel their best.

4. Her expertise runs the fashion course: she helps clients with everything from closet curation to event styling to personal shopping to working one-on-one with clients as a style mentor.

5. Sandy has worked with some of the world’s leading fashion brands and magazines, including styling fashion shows for Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and more.

More Scoop On Sandy

What Clients Get With Styling Session

Forget styling celebrities. Sandy wants to help the trailblazing women that are changing the world shine. The entrepreneurs that Sandy works with may already have the big idea, the business plan or the big client—and now they want their personal style to reflect their growing brand.

With over 15 years of experience across the fashion industry—from styling fashion shows at Neiman Marcus to launching her own successful business—Sandy has been there and styled that. Now, she’s putting her experience to work for today’s growing number of entrepreneurs. Styling Session is a one-stop shop for all of a woman’s sartorial needs, whether it’s going to a big event or getting an entire closet overhaul.

Sandy is happy to work one-on-one with clients to create the exact package they need. Here’s a quick look at what she offers:

Style Mentor: Clients receive one-on-one coaching to help them learn the tricks to define their style, find clothes that fit it and fit them, and leave them feeling their best. This package has Sandy on retainer for 3 months, and is personalized service at its best.

Closet Curation: Sandy will help clients sort through their closet and determine what to keep and what to toss so they have an edited wardrobe that will serve their style and help them project the image they want.

Wardrobe Styling: If a client isn’t sure what looks best on them, Sandy will work through their wardrobe to get them on track and figure out what works best, leaving them with either a personalized look book or Pinterest board to use as a guide.

Make Overs: Going through a major life change (like launching a new business!) can be daunting, and this option helps clients shed what’s been holding them back and helps them redefine how they dress.

Personal Shopping: Start-ups are busy—and so are the women that run them. Sandy will do the shopping for her clients, sticking to brand and budget, to completely take out the guesswork.

Personal Branding: Everyone has a brand, whether they know it or not. Sandy helps clients take charge of their personal brand—their values, personality and style—to ensure the look their putting out in the world is the one they want.

Photo Shoot Stylist: As a veteran photo stylist, Sandy works with clients to get camera ready, either on set or before the shoot.

Corporate Stylist: Sandy can produce full-on fashion shows for business and brands. Also, as a former college professor, Sandy can put together presentations for a client to help enhance their team’s professional presence.

Official Bio

Sandy Hapoienu is a fashion and photo stylist with over 15 years experience in the fashion industry. She is the CEO and founder of Styling Session, a full service styling agency that has helped hundreds of clients hone in on their personal style and discover what works best for them.

Sandy has produced fashion shows for some of the world’s leading brands, including Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Anne Klein and Jones NY. She has worked as a personal shopper at Saks Fifth Avenue—where she sipped champagne with Oscar de la Renta—and her styling work for advertising clients has appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, WAllure and more.

In addition to being a stylist, Sandy is an award-winning professor, who has taught at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York and Westchester Community College in Valhalla, New York. There, she worked tirelessly to help shape the next generation of fashion industry insiders.

In her newest venture, Sandy brings together all of her fashion expertise to help today’s growing number of innovative entrepreneurs align their personal style with their growing brand. She offers her clients a variety of personalized services to ensure their values, style and business reflect the trailblazing innovators they truly are. Sandy is passionate about helping these hardworking influencers look and feel their best as they pave the way into their new business and work to change the world with their vision.

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