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“Your personal style is an extension of your brand as an entrepreneur. That’s why it has been my honor to have Sandy as a style mentor in The Conquer Club. She is world class, and has been an extraordinarily helpful resource to our members as they create powerful personal brands.”

Natalie Mac Neil | She Takes on the World

“Sandy is a true professional! I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Sandy for several years now, I wouldn’t buy anything without her approval first. Her style is transformative, from professional to play, Sandy has you covered! She has helped me with personal shopping, closet edits, getting ready for special events and building my wardrobe over the years. She takes the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, budget and needs. Her design and style help you feel confident in your clothes and choices. Would recommend Sandy anytime.”

Melissa DeVincenzo | President/Owner | O.N. Marketing Associates, LLC.

“On different occasions, I’ve had the privilege of working with Sandy Hapoienu in the pages of Inside Chappaqua Magazine.  With a keen eye and a friendly, open minded approach, Sandy always brings a uniquely creative perspective to styling on our magazine pages, including cover shoots.  When we asked her to style a group of young ladies for a particular cover, Sandy got to work quickly, mixing and matching items from a number of area boutiques. She arrived at the scene of the shoot and professionally managed the styling portion of it from beginning to end.  I strongly recommend Sandy for all your styling needs!”

Grace Bennett | Publisher and Editor | The Inside Press, Inc.

“Sandy is nothing short of incredible. I have always felt lost when trying to find my own sense of style and struggled shopping for items that not only looked good but fit my size and shape well. As a designer, I love colour and patterns but had no clue how to put that creativity into my own clothing. Sandy gave me advice on the style of clothes that would suit me best and I finally felt able to go into shops knowing what to buy – and at long last I have started creating a signature style that makes me feel confident and look amazing. Thank you.”

Rachel Shillcock | Founder Designer |  Author |  Speaker – Rachilli

“Sandy gets styling. From our very first personal shopping experience, she quickly understood my personal style and sizing needs.  I’ve always walked away happy with my new wardrobe and accessory additions. I rely on her for all of my styling needs–from casual wear for social events to professional outfitting for my TV interviews, video shoots and professional speaking opportunities to formal wear for weddings and galas.I used to hate shopping. Sandy makes it a fun and enjoyable experience!”

Rachel Begun MS, RD | Food and Nutrition Consultant | Media Spokesperson

“I was thrilled to have Sandy be the official celebrity stylist at our four SummerFest Style Lounge events at Cross County Shopping Center. Sandy worked to create unique displays of fashion trends and provide our guests with excellent style advice and tips. She made fashion accessible and fun for shoppers who were a variety of ages with distinctive tastes and varying budgets. One of Sandy’s special talents was to help empower women and girls to feel good about the choices they make with their appearance and she gave everyone a boost of confidence. I can’t wait to work with her again on future projects.”

Liz Pollack, CMD | Senior Manager Marketing | Cross County Shopping Center

“Sandy is a real pro and a delight to work with. I had such fun with her, separating the wheat from the chaff in my closet. She gave me the courage to finally let go of things I’ve been keeping “just in case”.  The fact is, there’s never a “case.”  If something doesn’t work now, it’s never going to work, so let it go.  Meanwhile, she put things together that I’d never considered, and helped me with some purchase decisions. If you’re thinking about doing a session with Sandy, I can only say, do it!  You won’t regret it.”

Cathy S. | Actress and Computer Developer | Ossining


“Sandy, words cannot express how fortunate I am to have found you! Your personal shopper skills have helped me (and my husband) get that special outfit for so many special events. You certainly have that great eye for fashion and style! You are the best personal shopper in the world!”

Roxane D. | DMD | Chappaqua, NY

“My clothes are looking very fashion forward since I started working with Sandy. I no longer go into my closet and linger over what to wear. As a professional stylist, Sandy has a way with fashion…she knows what’s current, trendy, advises what colors work and how to make the most out of a purchase. She’s taught me about fabrics and has totally upgraded my look. I am happy to have met such a professional and look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Sue G. | Sr VP Advertising | New York, NY

“Working with Sandy was such a pleasure – we cleared out so much of my “junk” and she created wonderful combinations which makes dressing, especially for work, so much easier. My closet has a lot less clothes but so much more to wear!”

Margo M. | Engineering CFO | Armonk, NY

“Sandy is fantastic!  She came to my house for a closet edit and created a Personal Look Book for me. The edit was so helpful!  We cleaned out many items and with the Look Book Sandy has me wearing clothes I have had for years and never worn. She has me thinking differently about my clothes; putting together pieces I would never have thought of as going together. I am feeling so much more put together and I’m getting lots of compliments. I am feeling so much more confident as well. This is wonderful – Sandy is wonderful! I am a convert and do not want to shop without her assistance!”

Susan G. | Marketing Executive | Dobbs Ferry, NY

“Hi Sandy, I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all your hard work the past 2 days. It was great working with you again and hope to have many more opportunities in the future. Please extend my thanks to your staff. The Anne Klein New York team was very happy with the entire event. It was seamless and successful! You always do outstanding styling for us and we never have to worry when you are on the job!”

Jennifer Marcus | Regional Director | The Jones Group, Inc. | New York, NY

“I had never thought I needed a stylist until I met Sandy! She turned my existing closet into a set of polished and fashionable looks that feel fresh and new. She focused my future shopping on the things I need to make the most of what I already have. She helped me shop for outfits for a very important event and made sure that every detail was perfect. Sandy is a joy to work with and so generous with her time and expertise. One session with Sandy will have you thinking differently about your clothes and will give you the tools and confidence to look your best every day!”

Brenda S. | HR Executive | New York, NY

“Sandy helped me see my closet, and myself, differently. I now have a much clearer picture of what suits me, how to put things together and how to shop. Her insight and honesty were invaluable. It has been a great experience.”

Laura M. | Communication Executive | New Canaan, CT